Usually I copy-paste the source lore for this bit

but this game has no story


woe, headcanons be upon ye

  • Divorced from Nacha bc of the whole housewives cheating on their husbands with the milkman thing (he was never unfaithful, but it made her anxious enough to cause issues.)
  • Emotionally constipated
  • This man is so full of repressed gayness
  • Barely even knows he has a neighbour after Dr. Afton and Mrs. Stone move away.
  • Still occasionally babysits Anastacha, but is often too busy to.
  • Socially isolated, especially since the divorce.




I don't have well written lore for them yet lmao


TL;DR the girl next door trope but the girl is a reclusive dilf who might be a doppelgänger (he is, but he finds people fascinating and is slowly shaping his brain to be able to experience the “love” that drives humans to such extremes)

actually no I'm throwing my lore notes at you.

  • Dmtryo moves in shortly after Dr. Afton and Mrs. Stone move away (them moving isn't a canon event but I'm building on scraps here)
  • They end up meeting bc Anastacha brings a "new friend" over one of the times he babysits her, and it turns out to be Dmtryo's "daughter" (she's not technically his kid but he ate her mum and feels bad for leaving her without a parent since apparently her dad was never involved, and since she had no other family there was no one to contest him for custody)
  • They end up talking occasionally, and Dmtryo ends up being the person that unintentionally forces francis to acknowledge that he's gay.


38(?) // HE/HIM


I have not fleshed this man out really lmao

What I got so far is that:

Dmtryo is a doppelgänger who chooses to live as a human so he can study them. The following ramble is me justifying that as much as I can:

The initial idea, based on the fact that at least some variations of doppelgänger are intelligent enough to hold conversation, and have the brain structures required to experience anger, which also means, at least using the brain structures of mammals, that they can also experience fear and anxiety. The amygdala is the part of the brain im referring to, and it deals in reactions, particularly fight or flight, the chemicals of fear, and the balance of adrenaline. They’re also almost guaranteed to be capable of higher/conscious thought. As in animals that can mimic speech, but are not capable of higher thought, such as smaller bird species, their ability to mimic gets thrown out the window when their amygdala kicks in.

… so what’s stopping one from choosing to live as a human? Taking an interest in this species that shares its brain structure but not its physical form, or the ability to shape shift?