Harvey is the town doctor. He’s a little old for a bachelor, but he has a kind heart and a respected position in the community. He lives in a small apartment above the medical clinic, but spends most of his time working.




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TL;DR Gruff dude brings him coffee and talks with him until they end up falling in love without ever officially talking about it.


38 // HE/HIM


Dmtryo was born as one half of a pair of twins into an... Interesting dynamic. His father was rarely home, but wrote letters often, though he struggled to care about them in the same way his mother and sister did.

... Which ended up being good when they suddenly stopped showing up. His mother was worried sick, and wrote him often, each and every one of her panicked letters returned. Eventually she left the valley to go seaching for his father. Leaving him and his sister in the care of the town.

Thankfully the mayor at the time was understanding of his and his sisters situation, and allowed them to continue living in the cabin his mother had been renting.

Early Post-Collapse

Things were... Fine. He and his sister were poor, but did what they could, and got by enough. Usually singing in the saloon in exchange for food (plus the handful of coins the townsfolk could spare them, which went straight to school supplies usually)

Then, 2 years after Lewis was elected to be the new mayor and the winter following his 17th birthday, the bridge collapsed.

Realistically it shouldn't have been too bad, someone ought to have heard the bridge fall into the ravine and come to check on if him and his sister were okay.

(no one did)

The memory hole that was being 19-30

He remembers extrodinarily little from this time, the following list is everything he knows in chronological order.

  • his sister going stir crazy, and becoming extremely irritable.
  • his sister talking about jumping across the gap in the bridge, and him talking her down.
  • (this one is notably vivid) waking up to her screaming, and sprinting out of bed with her nowhere to be found. Only to see her body at the bottom of the ravine.
  • the day he realized he'd been forgetting to track the days, and realizing he had no way to mark the anniversary of her passing.
  • almost freezing to death his first winter when his power went out.
  • meeting razmodius, who was foraging for potion materials with his master.
  • the first real meal he'd had in years (and throwing it back up because his body wasnt used to real food)
  • hazy memories of collecting ore in the cave, and learning quickly how to use a kitchen knife as a weapon against mosnters.

Living, as best he could

He and Rasmodius have developed a functional system at this point. Dmtryo collects ore and monster parts from the quarry mine, and leaves them in a magic bag. Raz takes what he can use and sells anything he won't, its nice, it works, its nowhere near enough to pay for what Robin quoted the cost to fix the bridge, but its nice to have hot food sometimes since his stove broke.