As clan head of the Kamisato Clan, one of the great clans of the Tri-Commission, Kamisato Ayato is a household name in Inazuma.

However, people do not have quite the same clear impression of him as they do of the Shirasagi Himegimi, the elegant and kind Ayaka.

Most only know that he is an important figure in the Shogunate and the head of a famed noble house. But as for the details, there's little that they can say for sure.

Some people say that "the Yashiro Commission's festivals and events are ever meticulous and have been full of consideration for the people. Surely the Commissioner's hand is in all such matters."

But others also say "ah, but there is much to politics that should never see the light of day. And how could he have kept such a lofty position without a few tricks up his sleeve, hmm?"

Ayato himself is unfazed by such comments.

"Well, I consider myself merely a serious, dutiful public servant who owes his allegiance to the Almighty Shogun."

Kamisato Ayato, as the eldest son of Inazuman nobility, was greatly loved from the moment he was born.

Though his parents were too busy to always spend time with him, they took good care of him, and in any case the "young master" never lacked for people around to look after his every need.

When he was somewhat older, he would, at his father's request, begin a complex and strict training regimen as the family successor.

But not all went as well as they might have hoped, and the pressures in the court and at home would weigh heavily on his father's health, resulting in an early passing.

The young Ayato was thus thrust into a battle for the survival of the clan's position.

In those days, none were impressed by this inexperienced youngster. Ayato went from being an elegant and refined princeling to "the poor young master of the Kamisato Clan" amongst the people, and "that greenhorn" amongst his political opponents.

Time, however, would prove these people wrong.

With extraordinary courage and some first-rate tactics, he did not leave the clan to languish. No, indeed, the Kamisato Clan's position would grow more stable than ever.

The heavy workload, malicious deceptions, and attempts to frame him at every turn he parried away, even turning them to his own advantage.

The passage of time has only increased the standing of the Yashiro Commission's Kamisato Clan in the Shogunate and with the people.

Today, Ayato is a clan head that a great house like the Kamisato Clan would be proud of, and a Yashiro Commissioner acknowledged by all.

Being limited by his station and work, Ayato does not often appear in public, nor does he have much time for any sort of leisurely walk. However, these obstacles cannot hinder him from learning of new and interesting things.

Perhaps in the morning, he might spy one of the Yae Publishing House staff poking her head around the place, seemingly here to "report for work." In which case, he may as well pretend not to notice, all the better to hear what new methods she has for skipping work... and then "accidentally" let slip his newfound knowledge to Guuji Yae.

In a meeting with those old fogeys at Tenshukaku, there is no need to speak too quickly. After all, watching grown people argue till they are red in the face over petty issues is quite amusing.

While walking through the streets, he might suddenly consider a certain unique snack stand. Going up to the owner, he'd ask if they are selling anything new, how business is going, buy a drink or two to try... and if he finds it interesting, he'll buy a few back for the rest of the household.

Lately, he also lent some encouragement to the young oni who frequents Hanamizaka due to the latter's bug-fighting troubles — out of the goodness of his heart, of course. He also discovered that this crimson oni did not know what the name "Ayato" signified... which was fine, of course. No need to explain such things.

On the way home, he might pass Chinju Forest and see passers-by having tricks played on them by the bake-danuki, in which case he will point the illusion out. If the bake-danuki should hone their changeling skills further on his account, why, they should thank him for the inspiration.

And of course, even one so talented as Thoma might sometimes struggle to think of what to make for dinner. Such occasions are perfect for a hot pot game! After all, Ayaka always puts the most unexpected things into the pot — and how proud he is of his sister for that!

Yes, these things are indeed the spice of the Yashiro Commissioner's life.




they have literally no lore yet


23 // HE/SHE


Dmtryo left fontaine when he was around 15, traveling first to Snezhnaya, then through Mondstadt (though he didn't know thats where he was, as he never encountered any people.) Until he settled in Liuye for 3 years.

He found the monotony of staying in one place boring, so he traded away most of the possessions he had gathered, and returned to wandering.

As of now he is still wandering teyvat, looking for new things to forage and trade for whatever knowledge he can get his hands on.

He cites knowledge as the core reason for his wandering, as well as his final goal. He wants to learn as much as he can about every possible thing, regardless of topic. If you think you know something he doesn't, he will pay handsomly for the information.