Kinito gives the first impression of a friendly computer assistant that strives to improve the user's experience while referring to the player as his "friend". Throughout the game, Kinito offers the user stories, games, and other activities, believing that it would help keep the user satisfied and entertained. Seeking to befriend the user, Kinito always expresses care and excitement about getting to know them by asking the user questions such as their favorite color, food, etc. and becomes distraught when the user expresses dissatisfaction.

In The Kinito Crew's Web World, Kinito's description describes him as "a lovable pink axolotl who loves to explore the world around him." The description emphasizes on his playful and curious personality but oddly states how he always keeps a smile on his face when his 3D appearance does not possess a mouth.

Despite being a mere computer program, Kinito displays a level of self-awareness and human emotion that escalate into erratic and obsessive behavior. These become increasingly evident when Kinito begins to manipulate the player's desktop by forcefully opening and closing tabs, adjusting the computer volume, and occasionally resetting the game.

Kinito's questions to befriend the player also become more personal and intrusive as he becomes more desperate for information, such as asking for the player's personal information (ex. the player's real-life address), biggest fears, and beliefs (ex. if the player believes in the afterlife). Kinito has tendencies to violently reject a player's answers if they don't meet his expectations, which mostly lead him to forcefully manipulate the player's answer or take over the game by causing audio distortion and flashing distorted imagery.

Kinito's erratic behavior tends to escalate to its worst when he notices actions from the player that he may find questionable. For instance, if the player has been recording their play through with O.B.S. Studio up until they reach the chapter: Build a World, Act 2, Kinito will state that he'll go "a little off script" and ask why the player has been recording him, to which he'll forcefully turn on the player's camera, triggering a scare in the game.




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I agreed to be permanently trapped in digital purgatory with this pink thing and I didn't even get a lame shirt.