In accordance to his role as the Chief Justice, Neuvillette takes the court and trials very seriously, handing out verdicts with impartiality. He is notably perceptive, being able to hear Paimon's whispers and is able to deduce the additional details from the evidence provided to him during a trial. He utilizes the Oratrice Mecanique d'Analyse Cardinale to make the final decision, honoring its request regardless of his own feelings on the matter as per protocol.

Due to his position and ties to the Hydro Archon, he is popular among Fontaine's people as a symbol of justice and honor. As a member of the Seven Sovereigns, Neuvillette is unfamiliar with human customs and feelings, using the court to help him process and understand them. He rarely spends his time out in public, as he does not enjoy unwanted attention, and in the few times he speaks to humans, he appears to be aloof, though honest in his words. However, when interacting with Melusines, he is extremely friendly, seen as the ideal father by them; likewise, he is fiercely protective of them, considering them the pride of Fontaine and investigating matters himself should he hear of a Melusine being bullied or threatened. This stems from his failure to protect his friend and subordinate, Carole, when she was driven to death due to Fontainian's prejudice, and Neuvillette being forced to sentence his other friend, Vautrin, for carrying out a revenge killing for Carole, he had since resolved to prevent such tragedy from happening ever again.

When he was initially reincarnated, Neuvillette was left with many questions about himself, leading to him accepting a position as the Iudex. His time overseeing trials led him to experience a plethora of human experiences and emotions, which was secretly prepared by Focalors in the hopes that his newfound perception would save the people of Fontaine from a looming prophecy that would exterminate them. Upon learning the full extent of Focalors' deception, he admitted that she was devious and was both saddened and shocked by her self-sacrifice. Indeed, having seen humanity positively, Neuvillette used his fully restored powers to save the people and left aside fragments of his power in the form of Visions for those worthy of them.

Neuvillette opposes the Heavenly Principles, and by extension The Seven, as they usurped the authority of the Dragons that once ruled Teyvat. This appears to be more of a professional standpoint than a personal matter, as he expresses surprise at the current status of some Archons, like Barbatos, while respecting Lesser Lord Kusanali for her duties.

Despite his appearance, Neuvillette enjoys water and is an avid taster, being able to discern the properties of where the water came from and how it's prepared; as a result, this also extends to him liking food with plenty of sauce. He does not like deep fried food and grilled food with no sauce, especially taking great offence to Charcoal-Baked Ajilenakh Cakes.

Neuvillette is a solitary person.

Fontainians who have tried to get close to him have, without exception, been politely rejected. To this day, no one even knows his first name, since he has always asked that he be referred to by his last name.

He believes that close personal ties will lead to suspicions about the justness of one's judgments, while he must remain a symbol of absolute justice.

Of course, there will always be people who just won't give up. They will say, "Come now, Monsieur Neuvillette. Not everyone will stand trial, nor will you always have to remain in the judge's seat."

But is that really the case? If there is an answer in his heart, Neuvillette will not reveal it.

Given enough time, every river will overflow and flood. Every last Fontainian is guilty, with judgment and doom certain to one day fall upon them — this is neither metaphor nor rhetoric.

Yet, Neuvillette can share this fact with no one.

Truly, he is a lonesome person.

Neuvillette has always favored rainy days over sunny ones, as the moisture-laden air helps him relax. However, it has been a long time since he last delighted in standing under the rain.

It seems that from the time he chose to walk alongside Fontaine, he began to play the role of a strictly law-abiding normal person. Of course, normal people would not walk through the rain without an umbrella, allowing the rain to drench their hair.

It is worth mentioning that the role of Chief Justice is as much his true self as the Hydro Dragon is his essence. Only the role of "normal human" is one he must play.

It was in their solitude and guilt that humans invented a god to judge them, and in their greed and guilt that they created a god to save them. And with that god no longer present, it falls to Neuvillette to fulfill such expectations.

He has pardoned humanity, and has regained his original form.

Now, he can finally walk in the rain and enjoy it.

Indeed, he did do exactly this, and standing in the rain, he gazed into the distance, reminiscing about that day, so long ago, when he had received that letter.

Yes, a letter had found its way to him by some unknown means. The name of the recipient had been left blank, with the text only addressing him bluntly as "you."

A special you. A unique you. Neuvillette was not opposed to such a manner, but neither did he approve of it. He felt, vaguely, that the powers-that-be of the present world had no real right to judge him so.

He knew that this letter had been written by the Archon Focalors, who was inviting him to come and see Fontaine, claiming "I shall leave you a seat with the best view in the greatest theater."

Later, he would indeed come to receive that very seat — in the middle of the front row of the Opera Epiclese on the island known as Erinnyes. He would watch all manner of performances there, and the view was indeed excellent, just as Focalors had claimed.

What happened later was not made public knowledge. In all likelihood, the people had no way of understanding what it meant that the throne was shattered, or how the power of water was fully restored to its original owner. As to their being pardoned, and why they had to be forgiven in the first place, that was an even broader and more complex tale.

And thus did the curtain fall — Fontaine witnessed a happy ending to the greatest drama in history.

Or was it? A happy ending, that is. It was then that Neuvillette understood that the "seat" mentioned in the letter was not merely a chair in an opera house.

Focalors — or Furina, he should say — had given up her seat in the audience, come onstage alone, and become the heroine of the drama.

There were only ever a fixed number of seats, and for one to sit down, was for another to depart. That letter had been an invitation, issued several centuries in advance.

Well, Hydro Dragon? How do you feel about becoming a member of the human audience?

Are you enjoying this human drama?



Abyssal Eyes

In freeing the people of Fontaine from a watery death Neuvillette accidentally purified an ancient abyss creature that is a little (a lot) pissed about having not only been woken up from is several millenia nap, but also being forced into a considerably weakened state.




I haven't really figured it out yet tbh I gotta re-read the wider genshin lore bc I am SO behind man.