Spyke is a sea urchin in Splatoon found sitting in a back alley of Inkopolis Plaza. In Splatoon 2, he can be found in Inkopolis Cafe, to the right of the Deca Tower. In the first wave of the Splatoon 3: Expansion Pass, he is found back again in the alley of Inkopolis Plaza.





the lore is a little bare bones rn bc despite being one of my first FOs I have never like, actually wrote anything tangible for him lmao

But!!! I have!! Scraps!!!

  • Childhood friends!!! The type parents make weird comments about getting married n shit yk?
  • They drift apart circa 7th grade (I can naut remember if/how school works for inklings but when I first had this idea I was projecting something fierce so I’m committed to it I’m not about to disappoint 13 y/o cake bc his selfship lore isn’t as canon compliant as 21 y/o cake wants it to be) bc my si was sent to a fancy “private” middle school instead of the public one (it’s not actually private it just has strict rules and a uniform)
  • Fuck all happens until my si runs into spyke right around when they both first became adults
  • I’m being literal btw. He walked into spyke getting off a train and they ended up talking while waiting for a bus.
  • Shit sucks ass for both of them like, spyke had not gotten the hang of his shit with snails yet so he was perpetually broke and starving and my si hit academic burnout and was trying not to get evicted from his dorm.
  • They end up clinging to each other in a very “everything sucks and I want to die but I’m not leaving you here alone.” Type way
  • Spyke gets his shot sorted so he is no longer broke and starving and they end up sharing an apartment where my si becomes a complete shut in.

That’s pretty much where it stops being written, timeline wise this is between s1 and s2 roughly, closer to s1. I’m being horribly indecisive about where I want to go with the lore following


27 // HE/HIM


He cut his spines pretty much as soon as his mom stopped helping him take care of them bc he kinda just couldn't be fucked to deal with them super long

He's always been pretty pasty, but he gets wayyyy more pale as an adult bc he's a complete shut in. Absolutely resents talking to anyone who isn't spyke or my tumblr mutual @kakusu-shipping's si Egg

one day when I care more I'll ramble about their dynamic in depth but tl;dr childhood friends to lovers w a gap of completely no contact (also egg is there platonically watching them pine like idiots)