The wise and sophisticated former Anti-Entropy Sovereign who inherits the name of the world — Welt. He has saved Earth from annihilation time and time again.

After the incident with St. Fountain came to a close, Welt had no choice but to venture with the initiator of the incident to the other side of the portal.

Perhaps even he didn't expect the new journey nor companions that awaited him there.

On the way to the portal, Welt took out a pen and started outlining a sketch. For the eight years prior to that moment, he'd been repeating this job.

Going back further in time, he would construct objects in a different way, as long as the images could be pictured in his mind. But he could never regard that as "creation," because they were just the way the original is. Those had nothing to do with his mind.

This is just the duty of the man who inherited the name of the world. If the world needs him to save it, then he will become that hero without hesitation. He has fallen down many times and been mocked even more, but he will always stand before everyone either in the past or the future — he will never change.

Only now, he finds himself embarking on a new journey.

When Welt returned to that dangerous cosmic battlefield, he could feel his blood start to boil once more.

Even when his spaceship lost power and was drifting aimlessly through space, he joked casually with his companion: "The end of one adventure is often the beginning of another."

When a passing-by Himeko managed to save them and informed them that they couldn't go back home, he kept up his jokes: "This is like something out of a cartoon, and it's far too coincidental to be real."

Life really is this coincidental.

Since he can't find his way back home and can't live out a peaceful existence for the time being, why doesn't he take up arms again and fight?

This time, there is no burden or destiny to bear. Everything shall obey his own will.

These days, Welt rarely fights, and it remains unknown whether or not he retains the strength from his heyday. Gravity manipulation has remained his usual combat means, ever since his cane was transformed from the Star of Eden.

He suppresses his enemies with gravity, even creating a kind of mini-black hole — what he considered his everyday powers are met with amazement by the youngsters on the Express.

"Mr. Yang's incredible, amazing!"

"If you need help with anything, Trailblazer, go ask Mr. Yang."

"You need to take turns. Let him rest a little while..."

He is shocked to realize that his carelessness and surety are the results of his countless experiences, marks of the relentless passage of time he had endured. However, the youths aboard the Express are like blank pieces of paper, writing out their own lives.

What kind of responsibilities should he take on in their lives?

He couldn't help but think of the names of people throughout his life who had helped him before.




The express stumbles upon a stranded ship, it cannot be repaired and its young captain is forced to become a trailblazer in hopes of finding the parts he needs to return to his nomadic lifestyle


23 // HE/SHE


A perpetually tired man of few words on an endless search for knowledge.

Dmtryo is an interesting fellow, a merchant with little interest in anything besides learning everything there is to know about the universe.

It makes you wonder if he's looking for something

The ship was impressive, especially since it was built by a child.

His new home an almost perfect replica of his former, save only for its size. This new home of his was much smaller, not that it needed to be large.

The child looks at him expectantly, but she knows he won't say anything, she's unsure if he can.

Sometimes silence is better than any amount of words, that was his reasoning for most of his life.

Sitting here now though, unable to speak but deperately needing help with his ship, he decided he was going to learn to use his voice.

"Why do you talk like that? it's like you don't know how to sound like a person."

He has to physically resist the urge to trauma dump on this customer and tell him exactly why

It's not like he's returning here, and the man has already paid.

"I don't mean to pry, but you have an interesting cadence to your speech. Is there a reason for it."


"You don't need to answer."

"Wasn't allowed to, voice is bad for working people. Had to learn recently because of issues with the old home."

"Working people?"

"Parents? Did not feel like parents, so working people."