Before the Descent of Elturel the Year of Three Ships Sailing, 1492 DR, Zevlor was a proud member of the Hellriders of Elturgard. When the city returned to the Prime from Avernus in the Nine Hells, newfound bigotry against tieflings led to them being expelled from their home.

Zevlor arose as a leader of the group and led them west along the Risen Road towards Baldur's Gate. Eventually they were given shelter at the Emerald Grove, by the grace of Archdruid Halsin.

Some time later, the adventurer Aradin led a pack of goblins led by Za'krug towards the grove's main gates. After expressing his disapproval about the group's entrance, Zevlor tried to let them in but were stopped by the assaulting goblins. As a result, the tiefling Kanon was shot dead with an arrow. Zevlor was presented with a dilemma, he had to keep the peace with some druids who did not approve of his group's presence, while simultaneously getting his kind ready for a long trek to Baldur's Gate.




Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh man there's so much

Like more than I can realistically put here spanning 6 unfinished fics and 3 finished ones


if you want to know go read charlie's lore but its in there mostly.


150 // HE/HIM


The Extended Charlie lore

pre worm

He was born in the underdark, his parents were about as well off as deep gnomes can be (what with the constant infighting between the iron hand gnomes and… everyone else + the whole constantly being captured/killed/enslaved)

His mum has this grand realization that they could just, fucking leave. It would suck bc sun sensitivity but at least their infant child won’t have to deal with all the hells of the underdark.

His dad is totally on board until he isn’t but she’d already committed to leaving so instead of two people strategically moving as much of their life as they could above ground, it was a single chronically ill woman with what she could carry and her toddler.

Roughly a month later she’s out of the underdark, emerging near Elturel where she ends up being taken in by a temple of lathander.

Charlie ends up being raised mostly by the folks at the temple, as the stress of escaping ends up permanently hospitalizing his mum.

Nothing interesting happens for like, 6 years. He learns to read (but not write- he lacks a formal education and only really knows enough to do his chores) and ends up becoming a devout follower of lathander (it’s hard not to when you’re raised in his temple and the only other local deity is notoriously strict with the races allowed in his clergy and your other option is only worshiped by your dying mom who spends every other interaction with you yelling and bitching- I’ll expand on that later.)


He’s 9 now, he’s started developing the same illness as his mother (he’s ambiguously chronically ill bc I’m ambiguously chronically ill) and is forced to start working to pay off his mothers hospital fees. Usually catching pests for the church (being tiny and naturally stealthy makes him an incredibly effective rat catcher)

Once again, nothing notable for a bit.

He’s 14 now, though convenient plot things he’s began formal martial training.

Also his mother ate shit and died. He’s indifferent to it (and feels incredibly guilty about that indifference) but now with only his medication to pay for he’s able to spend more time actually training and studying.

He can sorta write now. Barely- he lacks the fundamental skills so it’s mostly illegible. But he can write his name.


(Magically assisted)

He’s 19 now, takes his oath (Redemption) and fucks off to join Fort Morninglord as a paladin.

He’s sent along with a senior adventuring team to escort some important guy to Baldur’s Gate for a political discussion amid the growing animosity.

Nothing bad happens /gen

And then they get back and Fort Morninglord was eaten by a fucking curse or some shit (that’s a canon event in dnd btw)

So with everyone he knew dead (at best) and all his shit now in a very barricaded and heavily guarded fort he did the only thing he could think of

And he fucked right off.

All the way to waterdeep.

Nothing interesting happens for a long fucking time like, this is the last major life event before he gets fucking wormed at 150.

Being in waterdeep kinda sucked though in itself so I’ll elaborate on that.

So. Waterdeep, expensive as fuck, diverse, magic heavy.

He went there, briefly joined the temple of lathander there as a hireable paladin but he wasn’t interested in adventuring and that’s all anybody really wanted so he tried to find employment elsewhere.

That didn’t work, not as a paladin anyway. Lathander’s clergy is 90% humans and the other 10% is elves and tieflings. And the gnome gods don’t typically take paladins so no one really took him seriously when he said he was a paladin of lathander.

But he wasn’t totally boned bc he did have one thing going for him- and it’s that he’s unreasonably fucking strong by *human* standards. Even moreso for a gnome.

So he did manual labour jobs, any he could find. It made… enough. He lived in a room above a cafe, worked his ass off and never really got anywhere but he was happyish. He resented having to leave elturel, but it was barely safe there before the whole situation with fort Morninglord, then even worse after the descent.

Then he gets fucking wormed, literally on his way to meet up with a group of merchants who wanted an escort to elturel bc he’d planned on going back, and at least with a merchant convoy he’d not be flat fucking broke when he got there.

post worm

So, wormed. We know it we love it I’ll tldr the changes that would’ve happened in each act.


  • the worm suppresses the vast majority of his usual symptoms (which is good bc missing his meds even once usually ends with him bedridden for 6-12 business days)
  • Punches Aradin in the dick
  • Has a fucking Moment after learning that the tieflings are refugees from elturel
  • Fails the check to convince kagha to turn on the shadow Druids and is forced to kill her, this puts an insane amount of strain on his oath so he’s a disaster for a while
  • Aeugh him n Zevlor end up talking a lot, mainly bc Charlie would bring him food and noticed him giving it away, so Charlie started sitting there until he ate, which then became them taking turns reading to each other, which usually ended in Charlie passing out nearby. One bed trope but it’s a bedroll and Charlie falls asleep in the fucking dirt but Zevlor feels bad leaving him there so he moves Charlie onto his bedroll with him and so what if he spends a while admiring the man who’s been doing everything in his power to help you n your people and is also the perfect picture of a *devotion* paladin which makes him feel even worse about his failings bc Charlie makes being a good person look so effortless.
  • It’s important to note that Zevlor *does not* know that Charlie is a redemption paladin.
  • Goblins dead Halsin saved Charlie wants to fuck him senseless but he’s preoccupied with the worm in his dome and the tiefling oathbreaker he wants to help and all the other shit going on.
  • Spends the party slightly tipsy and flirting (poorly) with Zevlor but does convince him to find somewhere private (the intent is to bone but they just end up enjoying the moonlight and the warmth of each other. Charlie has the realization that dear GOD he is touch starved and he’s been so busy trying to pay for his rent/food/meds he’s never had a romantic relationship and his last platonic relationship was from when he was a teenager.


  • does not at any point shut the fuck up about rosymorn monastery
  • Has yet another Fucking Moment about the blood of lathander (a holy relic that supposedly went missing before he was born, now ***IN HIS FUCKING HANDS***)
  • The shadow cursed lands do him fucking awful, and a less prevalent fact about him becomes overwhelming
  • And that’s his anxiety about his oath and his connection to lathander
  • Hes constantly aware of his oath, the magic that pulses in his chest and in his hands.
  • So when it’s gone? But not fully- not like the first time he summoned his oath when he couldn’t hold the magic yet. The magic is there and it fills him but it’s no longer flowing through him, it’s stagnant. He is full of divine magic and it feels like it’s rotting him from the inside out.
  • Oh he’s Doing Bad man
  • Otherwise nothing super notable happens, act 2 goes as usual past this
  • Well almost
  • Convinces Zevlor to stay in camp until they get to the city.
  • Zevlor at one point very tersely admits that Charlie feels like a reflection of his failures as a devotion paladin, and that he can’t handle constantly staring his deficiencies in the face like that.
  • With much confusion Charlie explains that he’s a redemption paladin, and that everything he’s done for Zevlor is because he know Zevlor has it in him to recover, and to, if he chooses, retake his oath.
  • Zevlor does not internalize this the way Charlie hoped he would, and burrows deeper into his own head, leaving camp the following night despite having agreed to stay. Because now instead of being a good person for *everyone* he was forced to acknowledge that Charlie was a good person for *him*


  • Act 3 is pretty much identical
  • Doesn’t take Raphael’s deal, kills him
  • Doesn’t take the fancy worm, also kills the emperor
  • Passes his first and last hugely important perception check in the entire fucking game and sees straight through Zevlor’s enthusiasm about fighting the Netherbrain for the suicide mission it is.
  • Has this interaction: https://write.ellipsus.com/edit/fce7d5ea-4ac1-4040-89a9-628ef87c5657

Post Game

  • getting unwormed sucks cock and balls and NOT in the fun way He Is Suffering
  • Like- bedridden for almost 6 months bc he’s not used to living with all his usual issues anymore
  • Retires officially, and ends up buying a room above a cafe, he was offered plenty of places in the upper city for being the hero of the gate, but preferred the familiarity of the lower city.
  • Spends most of his time holed up at home.
  • Ends up literally running into Zevlor- being as small as he is in the densely packed lower city makes him a tripping hazard.
  • Zevlor quite literally tries to run away. But Charlie ends up cornering him.
  • With a lot of gentle encouragement Charlie convinced Zevlor to come visit occasionally
  • Occasionally become often
  • Often became Charlie staying with Zevlor more often than he didn’t.
  • There’s a lot of mutual healing here I haven’t written
  • But just know that neither of them are well and truly happy until just shy of decade before Zevlor passes from old age.
  • Charlie ends up living back in his original room for another 60 years.
  • This letter: https://www.tumblr.com/cakeboxie/743685126127534080/patience-love-youll-be-with-me-soon