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Using my art

I allow my art to be reposted to any site that does not allow AI scraping as long as a credit link is provided

Under no circumstance do I allow my art to be used comercially.

Credit links must be kept up to date, and I reserve the right to privately blacklist users who do not abide by this.

Under no circumstance do I allow removal/editing of my watermark.


Won't draw

Weight gain/loss



NSFW for users under the age of 18


Gore for users under the age of 16

Hyper fetish characters

Military themed designs

Designs with themes of hate or bigortry of any kind

Complex spaceships

Anything not listed is a grey area, if there's something you'd like drawn lmk and I'll tell you if I'm willing/able!



All commission prices are listed in USD

I accept payment via paypal direct, and through square invoice.

Commissions may be paid partially or fully upfront, however I will not progress the piece past the stage I have been paid. (I will not line a piece if the commissioner has only paid for the sketch)

Unless otherwise discussed I reserve the right to post any and all art created for commission on my public profile and/or my portfolio

Private commissions may incur a small (< 5%) fee

I do not accept rush commissions, however if you need your commission done before a specific date, please include that in your initial message

I work on commissions in the order they are paid, not based on when I was first contacted.

Complicated designs, extremely specific poses, excessive corrections (5 or more not caused by my own mistakes,) and corrections made beyond the sketch phase may incur addtional fees up to a maximum of 30% of the base price.

I reserve the right to reject commissions for any reason, with no obligation to provide an explanation

I allow refunds at any point during the commission process, however you will only be refunded the difference between what I had finished and the paid amount.

To confirm that you have read and agree my terms of service, please include your favourite snack in your initial message.

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